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I've owned 3 Taurus PT1911s... well 2 PT1911s and a PT1911AR. All three are accurate as can be out of the box. They're more accurate than most people can shoot so that's not a problem.

The 2 PT1911s are all original and each has had over 5k rounds through them. Frankly I'm rather amazed I haven't had to replace any parts yet on them considering they're all MIM.

The PT1911AR had the extractor break on me after 10 and a half mags of ammo. I contacted Taurus CS and was given a run around at first (they insisted it might be my fault the extractor broke) then they told me the extractor was out of stock and it would be back ordered. Then they shipped me the extractor for the wrong gun (shipped me an extractor for a PT1911 chambered in 9mm which didn't fit in my gun) and after a phone call to CS again they told me that it indeed WAS the wrong part and the correct part would be sent but it would be at least 3 months because that was still on back order. I ended up buying a Wilsons Combat extractor from MidwayUSA (which arrived in 3 days via regular mail) and since then the gun has functioned flawlessly.

For home defense though, especially against 6 or more intruders, I'd want a gun with a larger ammo capacity. In competition you might be able to drop a mag and reload quickly but the targets are standing still - moving targets in the dark could be more troublesome and having more ammo is always better. Of course if you haven't got a choice then get what you can get.
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