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Advice on cheap hiking gun

The title basically sums up my question, i need a cheap gun to carry when i go into the swamps hiking, i dont want to spend more than 400 bucks and i am open for new or old. Just to help you guys help me i dont care about brands, nor do i care about asthetics or how the gun feels in hand i also dont get hung up on round count as long as it is atleast 5rnds, these are things i can get over or used too easily. The gun wont see thousands of rounds , more tha likely i would put about 500 through w.e gun i decide to make sure she is reliable and i am less worried about two legged critters than i am about gators and other beasties. Also if you guys can recommend any shops down in south florida that arent selling at absurd prices that would be great im having trouble finding any decent shops. Thanks guys all in advance.
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