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Limiting the number of rounds we're allowed is already being talked about. I've seen one guy propose a 5 round limit in your home/person/total possession. For Law Enforcement too- unless you're at a range which will provide you rounds, though you can't leave with more than 5.

He hasn't yet answered me about how to handle the roll-your-own guys who reload exacting recipes for target match competitions... or how to make sure their recipe- which changes from powder lot to powder lot number, among other things- can be safely maintained when being forced to use some sort of community issues reloading tools and supplies to prevent going over the 5 round limit.

I also asked him if he would require the government to build and subsidize staffed ranges in exceedingly rural areas that would not support a free enterprise range based on supply and demand, but still have a right to bear arms.

And finally I asked him about what happens when someone gets in an honest to God defensive shooting, and has to get more bullets... does the law enforcement officer have to give up his 5 to the guy he answers the call on? Is he allowed to have a shooting response kit in his trunk? Or does the guy just in a traumatic but legally justified shooting have to go home without any ammunition until such time as a shooting range can be open? Or will they be required to be open 24/7 including holidays? Will the officer have to give him a police escort to the range so he's not empty?

To be fair he doesn't post often, so he might not have had a chance to answer, but I suspect he doesn't have a good answer to any of those questions.
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