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My problem was that I am 22, poor, and had just gone out on my own after college. I didn't have the cash reserves to *really* prepare for such a situation.

However I DID stretch my wallet in August/September to buy a $1200 firearm that is most likely worth $2k now. While I only have 500 rounds to speak for, I did do the smart thing and planned ahead with the cash reserves I had in advance.

Like I said earlier in this thread: People who claim that the market is "unethical" and we are being "gouged" right now are just one or two steps away from claiming that the market is "flawed" and we need more government oversight.

You are functionally no different from price controllers and subsidizers. While disliking "gouging" and advocating for "price control" are not the same thing, the inspiration for both stems from the same emotional response to basic economics. It is a disbelieve in the pure concept of liberty and freedom.

If you do not like the price, do NOT buy the product. Do NOT support the price. When a large portion of individuals mimic what you are doing and DO NOT purchase at those prices, you are going to force the suppliers to adjust to the market.

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