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All the M39s come with those sights. My VKT (Valmet) SA 1944 has a Sako front sight like that. I would jump on that rifle if I were you unless it was marked up rediculously high. The Sako like that one and the Tikkas are the most sought after. That rifle looks to be in excellent shape.

Here is mine

Look at the difference in accuracy as compared to my Tula Hex 1933 91/30 open sights at 100 yards. Ammo was Hornady Vintage Match 174gr. HPBT. That day no groups with my M39 were larger than 2.5". I think this rifle is as accurate as my Colt HBAR that I used to have.

P.S. I intentionally shot to the right with my M39 to seperate the grouping from the 91/30.

Let us know If you buy the rifle and please give us a range report.

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