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Where are the examples you offer clearly and specifically enumerated in the Bill of Rights?

Would you support a universal background check to vote?

Surely our benevo;lent,trustworthy government would never corrupt and abuse that law,and it would certainly protect the integrity of our elections,and,after all,if it would prevent just one fraudulant vote....

Now,please,a direct answer,no sidestep

Describe a workable method for the government to monitor and enforce universal background check for face to face sales.

The ONLY way I can see that would be effective is 1)Require everyone to submit a complete inventory of all the firearms they have custody of2)Require everyone to submit to audits3)If you have,or do not have,any firearm on the list,it is evidence of a non-background check transaction,and a crime.

Remember,we live in a country where Supreme Court Justice Roberts suupports the idea it is a crime to not buy health insurance.

I fail to understand why,if murder is a capital crime,we need more laws to prevent murder.

Every crime a person could possible commit with a firearm is also a very serious crime,often with extra mandatory sentencing.

What we DO NOT NEED is more laws that make people into criminals or give government the means to abuse us for doing nothing more than being in non compliance with some arbitrary stupid ineffective emotional response to "do something"

Sensationalizing these crimes in the media is contributing to copy catting.Perhaps we should severely restrict media coverage.After all,if it only saves one life,it will be worth it.
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