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I have a new Bersa Thunder 380 duo. I was having various problems after 300 break in rounds no matter what ammo I used (except for the steep ramped Hornady's). I ordered a new magazine and a new recoil spring and that really helped a lot. The original mag has issues on the last two rounds getting jams. The new mag mostly never has a problem. If it does, it is only on the last round. I am going to try swapping mag springs to see if the problem follows. May have to order a new mag spring. I want to try this out before I send it in. If they grind some of the nickel finish down to resolve the problem. I will have to be more careful with the Hoppes #9 since it can affect the plating if it gets into a nick from what I have read. Evidently it has issues with the copper that the nickel is bonded. I do have confidence with it when using the Hornady's. I also feel ok with the Buffalo Bore +p is use. I alternate the BB +p hcn and jhp's. The BB's have a steep enough ramp that they don't have issues (to date). My primary def carry ammo for the 380 is the BB. But I don't do target practice with BB unless it is time to cycle them out due to cost of the ammo. In all fairness, my brother has the same gun that is flawless. Mine will eventually be ok I hope. Just have to be patient and work it until it is good to be counted as 100%.
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