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ZVP I sold my Pietta 1851 and bought a Uberti 1851 to take it's place. Only thing that help me make the switch is that the man at a gun shop had the Uberti in stock so I could look it over befour I sold the Pietta. This Uberti 51 is as smooth as butter. He had a Uberti Londen model 51 and that is a good looking pistol. The blued trigger guard and back strap really set it off. I'm making myself not buy a lot of things I want right now. If anybody has the money and wants one of those London modelsI'd tell you go for it. Come to think of it I had a 1862 Colt in .36 cal and I sold it to buy a Uberti 1858 Remington New Army. They sure are nice pistols. But selling that 62 still bugs me. It was a uberti smooth as butter. I need to hush up or I'll be thinking about that 62 all night.
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