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"Pre-64 Model 70" is a commonly used term among collectors, so pre Model 10 M&P is fine with me, though generic and not very descriptive and it includes a number of variants.
Not the best analogy. The pre 64 model 70 refers to a model 70 with CRF, cut checkering, among other higher cost features. The S&W confusion comes with S&W renaming the guns in 1957. S&W didn't cheapen the guns very much in that era, at least in a meaningful way. Winchester simply cheapened all of their guns and discontinued many. For many people, the last Winchesters were made in 1963. With S&W, its not that way. Many people like S&Ws a lot up until 1980. Others say the last great ones were 4 screws, but the model vs pre model stuff occurred before the 4th screw was dropped. The irony in what you said is that it was the shooters and hunters who started the stuff about pre 64 Winchesters, in 1964, because they felt Winchester had sold out. If not for those Winchester owners/users, who knows if people would care so much today.
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