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Yes it is a .45 , good eye. I will need to get a reloading press now to feed it. I didn't realize how much .45 LC cost. I guess it was good I never found a Colt. I waited and searched all last year and never saw one at a resonable price. The few that I did see were over MSRP and I will not pay that.

Now I can use the difference in the price that I was going to pay for the Colt and get some reloading equipment. I figure that I have $600 dollars to spend on reloading equipment, suggestion appreciated. I don't shoot but about a 100 rounds a month, but might shoot more if ammo is cheap.

The grips are nice, I really like them. I don't know if they are gunfighter grips though. They are described as thin checkered wood grips on Taylor's websight.

I will check out that holster maker.

Thanks ya'll
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