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The RKBA is a constitutional right. It's a civil right. It's a fundamental, individual right. It's just not subject to being violated in the way that you supposed.
While I disagree on the one hand I think I can continue in that vein on the other.

When I lease a house for rent what do you suppose I do before that?

When I hire someone to be my personal nanny, security guard, nursemaid; what do I do before I let them do that?

Is it a violation of their civil rights to ensure that someone is not unqualified To make sure that they are a bona fide and not child molester or felon before hand? Remember as individual (or a company or a municipality, whatever) I can not legally discriminate on for these things. To do so would be a violation of their rights.

Can the state require that all security guards and nurses and child care workers have a background check for any position? Is this a violation of civil rights? Provided I do it the same way every time?
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