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Out of curiosity, can anyone recommend a good, true DAO auto?
I had a SIG P250 that had a very nice DAO trigger. A lot of people dont seem to like it, but once you get used to it, its very easy to shoot well with. Its trigger draw is a little long, but light and buttery smooth. I had an early one, and next to my P245, that was factory converted to DAO (not DAK), it was the next nicest DA SIG trigger I ever had.

I dont know if SIG is still doing the true DAO triggers as an aftermarket thing, but that P245's trigger was something to marvel at.

I hope to be as good of a shot without taking too much time. I'm sure that accuracy comes with a good amount of time and good practice.
Lots of live practice and dry fire.

Dry fire is a lot more important than you might think too.

If you take your time, focus on the basics, practice right, and dont try to rush things, it will go quicker. Start close (read that "real close" at first) and work your way back as you get better. Its a lot less frustrating that way.
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