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Over the course of the last 10 years I've owned the following models of guns made by Bersa.

Bersa Thunder 22, Firestorm 22, Thunder 380, Thunder 9 and Thunder 45.

I've owned 2 Thunder 380s and two Thunder 45s. I haven't kept any of them except the Thunder 22 but that's more because I sold them only to fund some long gun purchases and I don't carry them - I stick to my 1911s for that and its really for no reason other than personal taste.

I haven't found ANY issues with the Bersas I've owned. In fact I've regretted having sold every Bersa I've sold thus far and told myself I'd get another. Most likely I will get another - maybe in the Thunder 45 - and soon too.

For a budget handgun that I'd trust to carry I'd suggest a Bersa to ANY friend and family. As was said before, they're not low quality guns just low cost.
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