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One of the farmers I worked with carried a SMLE and a tin of surplus ammo in his farm rides. If your looking for a cheap farm rifle that will see a fair amount of abuse $100 for a 91/30 nagant and $80 for 440 rounds of surplus is hard to beat. If its going to be thrown around and see allot of time behind the seat of a truck I see no need to buy new but that's just by .02. If its a personal rifle that will be used but taken care of new is great and you cant go wrong with a Ruger. If you have no caliber preference go to where you buy ammo and see what calibers between .243 and 30-06 they stock most of on the shelf as anything in-between those will do what you want. 308win is your best bet for ammo availability and new gun options. It will cover anything you want to do.
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