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Great shooting, AK103K! I hope to be as good of a shot without taking too much time. I'm sure that accuracy comes with a good amount of time and good practice.

@ Robk - thanks for the words. Yes, I am a novice. The wife and I just started shooting this past fall. It started with the wife wanting to get her CCW as I work third shift and it is just her and the kiddies at home alone at night. At first it was just going to be a home defense weapon, but there are also times she is out and about with just her and the kids and has felt an easy target at times - shopping, parking lots, malls, etc., so decided to go for the carry. She asked if I would take the course with her and I without hesitiation agreed as it is something I have been considering for a long time. I always thought she was anti gun but to my surprise she has always been for it (go figure after 17 years of marriage to keep learning new things). So, with this in mind our search starting with smaller, concealable weapons. As directed by a couple of our LGS', they recommended handguns in the 3" barrel range. We did tell them that we were new shooters, but they still felt that a 3" barrel was fine to begin with as that is what they sell the most of to new shooters. With us not knowing any other, we went along with what was recommended. The wife's first pistol was a Hi Point C9 9mm. That went back to the shop even before firing as she could not muscle enough to rack the slide. She exchanged that for a Phoenix Arms HP22A .22lr which she could charge fine. She still has that one and loves to shoot it. To date it has fed anything she will put in it, and that has been whatever ammunition we have found. From there she picked up a little Taurus PLY-25 .25 auto. That did not go well with her because she hated the DAO trigger. We traded that in on what she has now, her Bersa Thunder 380. She likes that one very much and is a keeper in her words.

When I was selecting my pistol, I first looked at the Kel Tec PF-9 - as was also recommended by the LGS owner. I asked around on the forums and found it was a little snappy shooter. I decided to pass on it and went with it's little brother, the P-32 (you know, thinking that if concealabilty has a factor - the smaller the better. However, I quickly learned that the smaller is not always the better. The P-32 shoots very nice in terms of recoil, but as you stated the sights are very close together and are quite minimal. I am ok with it at very close range (which I believe is what the gun was meant for) but anything longer than 10ft... forgetaboutit. So, I went back and also picked up the PF-9. I was more accurate with it but it was indeed a snappy shooter. However, I did like the small but not too small size of it so started looking around at other smaller 9mm's that were easier in the felt recoil area. This lead me to the SCCY CPX-2. I can say that it is easier to shoot in terms of felt recoil, the muzzle flip is not as bad IMO, the sights are a bit easier to see, and it fills the hand nicer. I like the pistol quite well, just need to get my DAO trigger skills up to par.

@ h2otoo - thanks for the words and good to see a familiar name Yes, the CPX-2 was meant for a carry weapon and I'm sure I will get the trigger down. I just hope I do so before the March 23rd CCW class. I don't know the requirements in other states for qualification, but in Ohio is it 21 ft.

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