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Actually the most telling trend is the geographic location. Southern States are several of the top 5. Alabama is not on the list either, along with the FLA we already knew about. But the rest of the Deep South hits the high notes pretty well, along with Maryland and DC which could be argued as border states.

However, realizing that, the rest of the country with MAY issue and no AWB can still absorb those much higher rates, and still come out lower per capita than those states with an AWB, May Issue laws, or both.

I still have no idea what you mean by standard deviation, not something I've dealt with before. I've got the VERY basic concept, but no clue how to discover it let alone implement it.

I can't post the sheet because the website only allows PDFs and images. If you have a filesharing site I can upload it to for you, give me location and it's off to the cloud for you.
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