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So nobody is gouging.
That's correct. Nobody is gouging anyone. Gun stuff is in very high demand. People who want mags, AR's, AK's, or whatever want what they want and will pay high prices for it. Sellers sell the stuff for as much as they can get, that's all. We're not even talking about food or gasoline, just guns and bullets.

Now, if someone hoarded up all of the corn supply in a particular area and set prices so high (relative to what they paid, like 1000%) that people are starving because of it, then maybe you can accuse the seller of price gouging.

No, what we have here are just buyers who should have known what was coming with this current administration, refused to prepare, and now they are having to pay prices maybe up to twice as much as about 1 year ago. I have no sympathy for them, none at all. Be glad with what you have; or pony up the money to buy what you failed to buy; or take the risk that you wont' ever be able to get it (or pay 10x for it) and wait to see if prices fall. You have comp

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