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I like Remington brass alright in 9mm. I don't love S&B brass, primer pockets are tight and is kind of a pain during priming as already mentioned but I don't hate it as much as Shane does. CBC (Magtech) brass is about the same if I remember correctly. I dislike Magtech brass a lot in 45 Colt, the primer pocket is fine but the cannelure deforms on me a lot and it looks bad. Only cosmetic though.

Also, I believe, sometimes WCC (winchester?) has crimped primer pockets, which sucks.

Don't like the primer pockets at all with PMC 357 brass but I don't think 9mm gave me any trouble.

For 9mm, I prefer Win, uncrimped WCC, Federal, Blazer or Speer. But it will all work for standard range use.
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