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I had an amazing experience at Wal-Mart today, or at least one amazingly different from all my past experiences. A friend of mine called me before work to tell me that the local WM store had just restocked ammo, including the 100-round boxes of Federal .223 that only rarely show up under "normal" conditions. I walked in, found an employee who could unlock the ammo counter and ring me up, and was out the door in about five minutes. They did have the three-box limit, but that still allowed for 300 rounds . . . at normal, non-panic prices.

This is in contrast to the usual process of walking in, spending 15+ minutes finding someone with keys to get me the one remaining box of the caliber I want, and then another 5-10 minutes waiting in line to check out. I may mark this on my calendar, because it'll probably never happen again.
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