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Do you call the treatment of North American Indians as a good example of tolerance.
Manta, as I recall when this part of American History was being written most Americans still had pretty strong European accents.

Manta do not try to lecture us when we are simple a divergent path of the same swatch of peoples. You are only different in that you think the road you walk is full of sweet smelling roses.

We know what was done, We know who did it. We just are not going to take a lecture from those who think we are really two different peoples. We have not forgot all your potato eating brethren who left your country for ours and had a hand in making it what it is today.

If you are going to call a kettle black, make sure you are a pot and not a kettle, before you open your trap

I'll put this into another light: My Great great whatever Grandad Price was a sailor on a British flagged merchant vessel. They put into port near Quebec and were offloading cargo. Again this what right after the Civil War roughly 1870. The stevedores were unloading cargo and as the family story goes, one was not performing to old Granddad's standards and he berated the man severely. This stevedore was a black man, and as far as Canada was concerned a free man and not a slave. This stevedore gave old Granddad some lip and granddad popped him on the head with a short wooden club and killed him. G-G-Grandad jumped ship when the Mounties came to arrest him and he swam across the river to America, married a Norwegian woman, and started raising Prices.

So there, I am the great great whatever grandson of a English murderer.
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