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There's a reason why 1911s off all variants are being used in competition.
I agree, but I don't think one of those reasons is because the design is somehow inherently accurate.

100+ years of experience customizing them.

Vast amount of aftermarket parts.

Which allow you to use those parts and knowledge to build a custom gun that feels and functions in the way you prefer.

That includes the ability to get a crisp single action trigger pull.

And the ability to put well designed sights on the gun.

Single stack mag means that the gun can be customized to fit any hand size.

And Americans like .45's.

A gun that can be customized forever, has a great trigger, great sights, fits your hand, and shoots .45 ACP. I'm not surprised they are popular.

But you avoided my basic fact. If you were a gun designer today and you were creating a brand new handgun with a fresh sheet of paper AND your primary requirement was accuracy... would you give it a 1911 action? With a lockup that has to drop out of the slide and a bushing up front? I highly doubt it!

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