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I've heard reports of R-P (Remington) brass having problems as Brian has stated. But I've only seen rifle cases have this problem. *Even then, it's been pretty rare for me*. I've been happy overall with Remington brass to use for plinking. For precision shooting, not so impressed. For pistol, I've had no problems with Remington other than not lasting quite as long as others.

I hate, H.A.T.E. S&B brass. Hate it as much as Amerc. Extreme difficulty in priming, gets brittle quickly, etc.

Older PMC rifle brass isn't my bag, either. The newer stuff isn't bad. All the other brands you've listed I've used with no problems. No need to separate if you're just reloading for target practice.

ETA (*): It's rare because most of my brass for rifle are other brands.
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