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I personally like the VEPR , but the Robinson Arms version , has the plastic pistol grip type rear and forward stock .
I know vepr has made a come back but I think they made a change to the magazines , not really sure about the wood but should have the same quality in the barrel and receiver .
Keep in mind if you plan on changing stocks VEPR have a weired cut on the back of the receiver , its not a standard ak cut .
Thats a pic of one of my .223 , the .308 has a larger box and some guys use a modifided m14 mag .
Oh and, that's a nice looking gun, almost looks like a really evil 74 haha, I def wanna change the forend asap.

And Bucks Co, I lived there for a good part of my childhood. Nice area, good roads with twisties, lots of places to shoot, big fan. Miss it alot.

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