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If anyone, including oldimers, can't hit a barn standing from the inside with even the older military designated 1911s, then I'm asserting it's the shooter, not the firearm.
I wasn't trying to present it as a fact but rather a perception. And that even continued into the 80's in the US Army. I know because I was an armorer then and ran 1911 ranges. And I would have green LT's and CPT's out there somehow missing these giant targets. Shooting into the ground in front of them. When I would try to coach them, some of them would blow me off entirely by saying some variation of, "These old guns are so loose that nobody can actually shoot them accurately."

We had one S-3 Major who was different. He shot outside of the service. And he let me coach him on hand position and stance. Then when we had junior officers that questioned whether our old 1911's would shoot, we would each take one and give a side by side demonstration. We would start on opposite sides and flatten the pop up targets from the side to where we met in the middle. We would run 2-3 magazines each and then turn around to our audience. Who usually looked completely shocked.

All that said... if you had put one of those old guns into a Ransom Rest, I would seriously doubt you would get better than 3-4 inches at 25 yards. But that's good enough to hit the giant Army targets at close range!

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