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Ok Coyote, that would mean there are somewhere around 35k officers in WA.. Last specific number I heard on CPL's was 395k+ and going up at about 4000 a week.

Warrior, There is also unlicensed OC in KY, Can you tell me if unlicensed OC people in KY have more problems that licensed CC people? I don't think so.

What is it about a government mandate that one size fits all, makes it good? In WA it is your responsibility to know the law. They had you a bulletin that has all of the firearm laws and safety tips. It is what is used in hunter safety training, and tell need to know what is in this, study it.

Requiring individual responsibility usually generates individual responsibility. Yes, it is YOUR responsibility to know the laws..even if you take a week's is still YOUR responsibility. In WA no-one can say, "but my firearms instructor did not teach us THAT".

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