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Originally Posted by tulsamal
The 1911 barrel floats all over the place. If you put a tight target bushing on it and make the rear lockup super tight, then you lose reliability. Then there is slide fit. A custom gunsmith that takes a lot of extra time and effort can make them shoot like target guns but your basic stock 1911 isn't all that accurate. Actually when I was growing up, lots of oldtimers would claim you couldn't hit a barn with one. From inside the barn.
Many manufacturers of 1911 variants today provide tighter tolerances while keeping reliability on their everyday models. If anyone, including oldimers, can't hit a barn standing from the inside with even the older military designated 1911s, then I'm asserting it's the shooter, not the firearm.

There's a reason why 1911s off all variants are being used in competition. There's a reason why other platforms are being used as well. The Sig P210, CZ variants, etc., deserves credit where credit is due.

Which firearm is the most accurate? Here's my answer: There ISN'T ONE. Today's quality in building firearms along with higher quality made cartridges have narrowed the grouping size on targets so much that there just isn't a definitive, undisputed answer.
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