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Check the mirror

This time, last year I took a rifle (1917 Enfield) to a gunsmith, the second time I had taken that rifle to a gunsmith, and different gunsmiths each time. I bought it for $100 and wanted a scope mounted on it. The first gunsmith did an awful job and the rear scope mount screw broke off. I took it to another guy to have the headspace checked, he removed the barrel cost me $100 and 2 months, and said it was excessive. I bought a field gauge (which he said it "swallowed"), screwed the barrel back in hand tight, and it's fine. He said he must have "accidentally fixed it" and I was "ahead of the game". I bought a lathe last summer and various tools and have been doing work I'm happy with and have a nice hobby to boot. It's not for everyone, but it's an option.
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