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Actually there is. The vast majority of them were false positives.
Exactly. Talk about the misuse of statistics. I want to choke one of them every time they bring up this "2 million of the wrong people were prevented from getting a gun" crap. The system generates a lot of false positives. Or failures to function properly in one way or another. So the person is told they can't buy the gun. The denied person goes through the process and eventually it is cleared up and he is allowed to make the purchase. People that know they will be denied.... wow, just imagine this... almost never go into a gunstore, fill out a 4473, and stand there while it is being checked!

So the anti's use a statistic to back up their arguments. When that statistic actually shows how often the system they want to expand actually fails. And they almost never get called on it.

It's as bad as the 40% of guns are private sales BS.

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