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Colt SP1 Carbine - any collector's value???

I'm thinking of building a modern AR (7075 Billet receivers, upgraded parts, maybe even a match grade trigger - don't know yet).

I have a Colt Sp1 Carbine that I've never even shot - been a safe queen for as long as I can remember. It's the one with the pencil barrel, aluminum sliding stock, no forward assist and the bolt carrier that all of the lightning link folks like. Now, I'm not one for selling guns, but the timing might be right on this one - still trying to make up my mind... If I'm going to go "modern" with an AR build, I'm pondering whether I really need to have an older AR too. (FWIW, I have other .223 rifles and carbines that I do actually shoot)

The question is this: When did Colt last make AR's for the civilian market? What is the perceived collector's value of these older Colt AR's and what are these things actually selling for.
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