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My friend has a Noveske, not sure which model, and honestly it leaves something to be desired in a weapon, I don't know why. I'd love one, if I had the money to plunk on it, but at the end of the day, neither he nor his eotech cant hang with my bedded and floated iron sighted Mosin when it comes to first shot placement, minute of soda can, at a hundred yards. Period. Now, I could have a really good mosin, he could be a crappy shot, I don't know. That's just the gist of a few frozen lake trips we've made.

Also, I kinda just like recoil. Obviously not tactically, but for going out to the range, I like to push it. But then again I started on a .357 H&H when I was like 10. Personal preference.

Forgot to mention that he is LEO. So either I'm a really really good shot, which is debatable, or Eastern Bloc weapons don't completely blow. That being said, I've shot some nasty WASRS as well as a good one. Really good Maadis vs. one bad one. It happens. I just haven't had a chance to own enough to really form an accurate opinion over it.

I have to say, this Vepr feels very solid, I can't say for sure whether it is a shooter or not, again from a lack of personal experience (not one of those internet warriors who sponges information then poops it out on you guys), but for the price I paid for it, in this state, in this market, I feel better than if I had just bought the Colt. Price seemed too good to be true, guy disappeared on me half way thru my two hour drive, I feel like I made the right decision. Besides, at that price, I probably would have succumbed to the urge to gouge someone horribly, as I have seen other identical LE or SP's going for twice that price in my area.

The only drawbacks seem to be the sling coming off the barrel (i'm a fan of ching slings because I'm used to floated barrels and the sling not changing the POI, but this is not possible here) and the magazines, which are only 10 rounds and proprietary to this gun, but I have access to a 3d printer, as well as a CNC machine shop, so I think I'll be alright, it will just take a little work. I'm gonna buy one of those hi-cap ProMag joints from the site for 40 bucks and see how it fares. I've heard mixed reviews on promag.

Definitely scored on a (hopefully) accurate semi auto 308 for a grand. Plus, the box is pretty cool, I can hang it on the wall or something.

I have the overwhelming urge to go to the range or the lake and shoot this thing right now, but I still have class and work. Ahh... first world problems.

Really, my final thought was just the stigma against black rifles right now. I'm not a fan or a detractor of them, kinda more meh, just that if some girl is wandering around my room when I'm asleep and finds the VEPR, it will probably look alot better for me than if she finds what to her looks like an M16, while this is actually a weapon with the exact same capabilities, if not more, than the average AR.

Not gonna lie though, if all this bull**** dies down, black rifles definitely next purchase. But for range or hunting or frozen lake plinking or shtf, I think i'm good to go for a while.
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