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You need to study under Clark. The most interesting gun buster on the internet.

If it were me, I would load them to a computed pressure at the high side of current practice, like 62,000 psi or 55,000 CUP, say. Then see if repeated firing beat the old 46,000 actions to death
Or higher still, to 62,000 CUP which is 1.33 times stock and a common proof test overload.

Years ago when the antis thought they could justify banning "Saturday Night Specials" on the basis of quality and safety shortcomings, they had White Laboratories test a number of handguns to the breaking point.
NOTHING would stand up to a steady diet of proof loads, although all of them had been proof fired once at the factory or European proof house.

I think that would be more informative than just stuffing them full of fast powder for a showy kaBoom. Or a progression of gradually increasing loads until something let go, as Ackley did. How much of the failure he went for was due to the last gross overload and how much was due to wear and tear of the progression? As said, it would take a lot of Spanish Mausers to clear that up.

Anecdote: Once upon a time, Kimber bought up a bunch of Swedish Mausers and sporterized them. They made the necessary alterations to get scopes on them, nickel or chrome plated them to look "stainless," and put them in black synthetic stocks. Hundred year old rifles made to look late 20th century.
They sold some still in 6.5x55; presumably the ones with good bores, or at least as many of them as they thought they could sell in a funny furrin caliber. The others were rebarreled to more heavily loaded "modern" rounds like .308, .243, and .22-250. No catastrophic failures reported that I saw.
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