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Stay away from the AR-7, and stop buying guns just because you think they look cool
Short answer: no

i'm not just going to blow money on anything because it has a neat look. Price, and reliability are the two biggest things i look at but to be perfectly honest, why the heck wouldn't i want a gun that looks awesome? and shoot, if i'm spending even a couple hundred bucks on a smaller gun purchase. ie a .22, then i'm going to make sure i'm spending that money on something that is aesthetically pleasing as well.

that being said, i'm getting all info about anything i can to make an informed decision, and if you look at some reviews pilot, any of the ar-7's that have the orange compartment in back instead of black and the assisted feed on the magazine have all rated very well.

Thank you everyone btw for assisting me in this, and i would like to say that while i may not be the most experienced gun enthusiast in the world i'm not being ignorant or hasty in any decision i make.

and felixx i actually got quite a bit from the thread you started so thank you
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