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Yes, Double J the NRA has done nothing - repealed much of the 1968 Gun Control Act, fought the 1994 Assault weapon and magazine ban and lost the initial fight but got a 10 year sunset provision included and then blocked it from being renewed, fought for the right to carry a firearm for self defense - going from one state that allowed carry with no license, eight states that were shall issue (all lawful citizens could get a carry license by completing standard background and/or training requirements), twenty-six states that were may issue (lawful citizens might or might not get a license depending on the laws - some were fairly easy and some were highly restrictive and discriminatory), and fifteen were right denied (no lawful carry allowed), by 2012 that had changed to four states unrestricted, thirty-seven shall issue, eight may issue, and one (Illinois) right denied, blocked a month ago a proposed gun and magazine ban in Illinois supported by Chicago, the Governor, the President of the Senate, and the House Majority leader that would have banned 70 percent of handguns and half of all rifles in the state of Illinois, put together a coalition of democrats and republicans that are a majority in the House and Senate in Illinois that will not let a may issue carry bill pass and that will pass a right to carry bill that is shall issue, barring a court ruling overturning the results of the decision of the 7th District court of appeals from a lawsuits initiated by the SAF and the NRA. And Nationally in the face of an anti-gun hysteria fed by the media and gun control politicians having pushed back and already essentially stopped the momentum for the so called Assault weapons ban and magazine ban, they are now fighting against a national universal background check. So yes, the heck with the NRA - they are just useless aren't they.

As soon as I get my mileage check for this month more money is going out to the NRA, ISRA, SAF, and IllinoisCarry. Probably also make a donation to a NY gun rights organization. I will also continue calling, writing, filing witness slips, and lobbying in Springfield for our RKBA.

Also NRA and ISRA have worked in the field, the legislature, and the courts to create and to protect shooting ranges in Illinois. So, if your comments weren't sarcasm, then I would hope you would take the time to reacquaint yourself with the status the RKBA in Illinois and the nation. If you really don't like the NRA fine - but consider joining or donating to SAF, ISRA, or one of the many other RKBA organizations.
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