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This may have been one of the most professional/respectful responses to someone that they disagree with as I have ever seen. Nice job Wyoredman.


Thanks for your service to your community. We all appriciate the dangers and unknowns associated with your job. Thanks again.

Because you have never needed a rifle in your personal life in no way insures that you may never need one in the future. The last call you responded to that required a rifle, that victim probably wished they had had one before you arrived. See, victims don't have a choice about being in those situations. You, ultimately, do have a choice (and I am glad you choose to go, put your life in danger for others).

Nurses, doctors, drinking water plant operators, artists, bus drivers, firemen, teachers, etc. ... along with police - all represent civilized society. An attack on any of them is an attack on civilization and community. Police seek out the bad guys, where as the rest of us, for the most part, don't go looking for trouble. That is the distinction we need to remember.

The point I was making, is that many who would outlaw my rifle use the "training" cops get as an argument that they are more responsible with, and therefore deserve their rifles.

I tell anyone that cares to listen, that police "training" in long guns is no better than the "training" I have received since the age of 6. So that argument makes me laugh.

Sure, your tactical training on building entry and hostage situations may be stronger, but I would bet the ranch that my gun handeling and marksmanship (and safety) would compare to most police forces in this country. And I suspect many others in the "gun community" have the same skills.

Again, thanks for your service to your community. We need more people like you who CHOOSE to put themselves in harms way for the good of the community!
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