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Unusual load needed

I am new to this forum. I've started a conversation about my 'destroy some mausers' project. It's not science, though I'd like to design the test so that perhaps it will be useful. I have a design bias; I don't think Swedish mausers are any tougher than Spanish mausers of the same era. I think I've got the mechanics covered pretty well, but what I'm struggling with is the best propellant to use. That's what I need advice on. Without re-posting all the details one can read more here:

and here:

I've read Ackley's handbook #2, many times, the part about intentionally destroying various military long arms. He said he would continue the testing with other actions but as far as I know, he never did or at least never published anything if he did.

What I'd really like is some way to calculate theoretical pressures. This is the fourth forum I'm trying. After one day over at, I was incinerated immediately and my post was deleted with no explanation. Tough crowd.
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