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+1 on the KG-12. My only complaint is that it is hard to get onto a patch (it runs off rather than soaking in).
I switched from KG-12 to M-pro 7 because of this but both work very well.
"M-pro 7 gun cleaner" is a mild copper & powder remover, "M-pro 7 copper remover" is a more agressive copper remover. Unlike Sweets both may be left in the bore for extended periods with no harm & have no strong smell either.

Most modern cleaners don't actually remove copper at all, the brush does that. However if you switch from an ammonia based product you won't get the "pretty green & blue flowers" on your patches. Both the M-pro & the KG 12 give a black, not green color when removing copper the blue/green is unique to ammonia. It doesn't mean they arent removing it, its just a different reaction with a different colored residue.
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