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Bewildered & hung up about mold brands.

Hello to all:
Got nothing but time on my hands this winter.
I've been casting for years so I kind'a know what I'm doing. But as I late I've been casting & G/checking for a 32 Special with and old Lyman 321297 mold I pick-up years ago second hand. Cheap compared to today's prices. After a little tweaking of the loads I've gotten great results from Alliant 2400 in that cartridge. Very pleased with the 32s outcome.

But now I have another cartridge I would like to cast for. The old Venerable (30-30 Winchester)
But all the info lately read. Many casters say the Lyman 311041 is the best mold for that 30-30 application. Then there are those who say the Saeco 307 mold is the better of the two. Could you fellers shed some light on the subject. I don't know if my RCBS mold handles will fit a Saeco mold even.
But , _What's your preference on these two similar molds & why please?

(As always, any & all comments are welcome)

Have a couple 30-30s here to cast for.
1. Marlin model 36 lever
2 Winchester model 94- Pre

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