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LR Turk rebarrel in .308

I have been picking up tools for a long time (9" south bend lathe, chamber reamers, receiver tap), and am about ready to launch a re-barreling of my large ring Turkish Mauser. I ordered a green mountain short-chambered barrel from Midway, as well as a receiver tap. The shank is .635, as best as I can measure with my plastic Lyman dial calipers. The shank of the old barrel is .525 so I have a gap at the shoulder of .110, about the length of the overhanging portion that secures the hand guard. (I wonder if the receiver was faced down to create the hand guard recess, since the dimensions should otherwise be the same?) At any rate, the solution seems to be to make a washer not unlike the recoil lug of a Remington or Savage, I'll probably have to thread it with my receiver tap because there isn't much of a shoulder on the barrel. I'm thinking of making it a thousandth or so thicker to account for some crush when tightened down. I haven't met a hardened barrel yet, would mild steel be fine for the washer? I have read in many places that torquing the barrel onto the receiver face only produces more accuracy than either just the torque shoulder or the torque shoulder and receiver face together. Does anyone have experience with this?
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