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I recently found some good deals at Ammoman-I got a case of 1000 Lawman 9mm for $299 delivered and Lawman 45 ACP for $399 delivered-that is hard to beat-although the 45 ACP has gone up $100/1000 since I bought mine a few weeks ago-I'd say they must be paying more-I was able to get some 44 Special and 45 Colt at reasonable prices-that stuff isn't nearly in as much demand as the first two.Well,maybe the Judge/Governor revolvers are driving the 45 Colt a little.44 special just isn't that popular but it is a very versatile round-I like western style single action revolvers so the ammo lasts longer with those.Their shipping was running a little behind,but really not bad if you check some other big online dealers-Graf has a long backup and depleted stock and Georgia Arms seemed to be out of stock on nearly every caliber-due to component shortage-that is coming up again like a few years ago.
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