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How about this for a "translation"?

On the end of the barrel:
".303 UK"

Means imported by Century International Arms St Albans Vermont, its the required post 1968 U.S. "import stamp". The caliber is still .303 British.

I'm guessing whats on the "left side of the bolt" is actually on the flat side of the reciever, not the actual bolt itself? Similar to the picture madecratebuilder posted.
Probably something like this: (replace the "x" with other letters/numbers as needed.)
"No4 MK2 ROF (F)"
Then probably a serial number issued by CAI during import. (the "4/2134") as there are no No4MK2s I can find with numbers like that, most were either "PF" or "UF" followed by a year's last 2 digits, a space then a number starting with an "A".
Like this:
"UF 55. A189xx"

If I guessed right thats a Lee Enfield No4 MK2 rifle made at the Fazakerly (Birmingham) factory in the 4th month of some year between 1949 & 1955 when production ceased. Some had dark, or dark stained light wood, some were left blonde (with light colored wood).
Heres mine with the light wood:

There should be numbers elswhere as well. on the back flat of the bolt handle, on the bottom of the magazine & under the wood at the front end, halfway between the end cap & the middle band. If the numbers are the same its a "matching" rifle, having all its original components, if not you should get it checked for headspace before firing it. I cant help with the numbers on the wood, they're probably "rack numbers" telling where the rifle was to be returned for storage after use.
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