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I reloaded for Dad's Handi Rifle in 223. It shot pretty good, though I didn't get real serious about measuring groups. The trigger was really pretty good. Not a Timney, but not bad at all. The two things that I did notice were:

- The stock comb wasn't high enough to get a cheek weld and see through the scope, so we got a cheek pad. That solved the problem.
- The rifle wouldn't let me get too close to 'book maximum' on reloads. I got flattened primers and tough extraction well before I got to book max.

And one more thing...when I'd open the action and wasn't putting my hand over the chamber, that extractor would fling the empty brass case about 10 yards over my shoulder. I'd be digging in the leaves looking for the case.

I considered buying one, but when I went to look at them I found a Ruger Hawkeye in stainless for not a whole lot more money. I bought the Ruger and have been very happy with it.
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