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OK, more information for anyone that might stumble onto this thread with questions:

My buddy also has the 527 carbine. I explained to him that I had read that CZ-USA will recontour your bolt handle at no charge. He called and spoke to one of ther gunsmiths, who confirmed that they will indeed fix the problem at no charge other than the shipping cost to their facility. The smith told him to remove the bolt, pack it up, insure it for $200, and send it in. He said they would machine it, re-blue the handle and ship it back.

Of course I questioned why the entire bolt assembly had to be sent, and called CZ-USA myself. I spoke to the same smith and he told me that the reason they requested the bolt assembly was to save the owner the trouble of disassembling the bolt to remove the handle. I told I had no problem with the disassembly and asked if I could send just the handle. He said that would be OK.

At that exact moment it dawned on me that CZ-USA has replacement bolt handles in stock, so I decided to press my luck and asked if I could pay for a new handle for $18, have them machine it and ship it to me (saving me the trouble of having to send mine, and resulting in me having two bolt handles) and he replied that yes, they could do that. It would have cost me $18 plus shipping.

Bottom line is that, due to my impatience, I wasted my money buying an aftermarket bolt handle from Custom Reloading Tools, when CZ-USA would have offered a much cheaper solution.

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