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Reloading The 243 Winchester.

I ran across a thread for reloading the 243 from back in June and didn't want to drag it up. My question is using the 75gr Sierra HPs what would be a good powder to try out in a Remington 700 with 22' bbl not a bull bbl. I have been looking up loading data most of the morning and now I'm really not sure what powder to use. I don't want to burn the throat of my gun out and would like a cleaner burning powder to get the job done. If there is such a thing. I thought you guy's could stear me along the way. I don't have the cash to put a bull bbl on it right now so I need to take care of the one that's on it. I came up with about six different powders and stopped looking. I'd like to get about 3.000 to 3.400 fps with out burning up the rifle bbl. The factory bbl shoots right at 1 to 1 1/2' groups now at 100 yrds with 100 gr factory loaded bullets now if that gives you any info to go by.
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