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Hornady LnL BR powder measure with pistol rotor

While looking at Midway's web site I noticed the pistol rotor for the Hornady LnL powder measure. After a little research I found out that according to Hornady the pistol rotor is not supposed to work with the LnL bench rest powder measure. Well, I have the bench rest measure and was bumming about that.

I did a little more research and found a gentleman on the S&W forum that ordered the rotor for his LnL BR measure and said that it works just fine.

I ordered one after seeing that, tried it out, ran a bunch of tests and it works great. I have never thrown charges of Unique that were this consistant.

So anyway, if you have a LnL BR measure and wanted to get the pistol rotor for it, go ahead it works great.

Just an FYI
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