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As for the better trained argument, just point to the recent scandal regarding Ian Birk, and John T Williams. Birk was absolutely screwed over and scapegoated. But the government found that he wasn't trained well enough. It's highly offensive to be told police officers are better trained, until they shoot and kill someone who refuses to respond to a lawful order to put down a knife, and which point they weren't trained well enough. Yeesh.

Conn Trooper- do you personally believe the public does not have a right to the same handgun and rifle you carry around professionally? I'm not looking to jump on you for your answer either way, mostly curious.

My personal view is that the NFA is somewhat tolerable.. the government may have the fully automatic M4 in common use, but the soldiers don't buy their own, or take it home at night. Law Enforcement do with the semi-automatic AR-15 and the semi-automatic Glock/Sig/1911/assorted Side Arms.
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