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I understand that this topic is about DAO, but so many different firearms have been mentioned in comparison to the OPs pistols, that it makes it a non issue. The OP told us what his 2 firearms were. Small compact pistols, with the SCCY PX-2 having a barrel no longer than 3.1 inches. the Keltec is even smaller. IMHO, the OP fired his wifes Bersa better for two possible reasons. Longer site radius and perhaps the DA/SA trigger. The OP admitted to be a novice. That in itself would lead me to think that he was trying to learn on what many would call a hard firearm to hit with. Just as with revolvers, it is commonly said that below a 3 inche barrel is for very close range. So his pistols are as small as a snub nose revoler. Not many would advocate that a novice should learn on them first. I personally believe the OP should have started with a full size firearm first, than try the compact guns next. I understand having buget restrictions, but to expect 2 inch groups from pistols of this size while just learning to shoot would be unrealistic for me. I do hope he masters his pistols, but he may be creating bad habits now that would make it worse for him to more to a larger pistol later, but than again if he masters something this small, it may only help. I myself and not sure which way it would go. Good luck to the OP, hope he can do it. All for this is just IMHO and YMMW.
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