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I have the Hornady LnL AP and am more than happy with it.

Like any other press (and honestly, there isn't a progressive out there that does not require tweaking and adjustments), tweaking and adjustments were necessary, but mine were fairly minor in scope and once I got it set up, I've had zero issues with it.

The biggest complaint on the LnL is the priming system - a little bit of powder will jam it up if you aren't careful, but honestly short of a hand priming system this is going to be the case with any progressive. I've done some tweaks and mods on it (minimal in both time and cost, and I tend to improve on pretty much anything as it is because that's what I do) that have all but eliminated every issue short of the occasional powder in the seater ram. I keep a brush handy and every time I refill my primer tube, I clean it. Works great.

Just keep in mind that every progressive is going to require tweaks. Every company, whether blue, red or green, is going to have the occasional press that needs more than a couple of tweaks - it's the law of averages. Dillon makes a solid product, but you are paying a premium for blue enamel paint and better marketing. Hornady makes a great product, but they aren't as popular as Dillon. I'm sure the RCBS press is pretty solid because pretty much everything RCBS makes is top notch. Lee is Lee - you know exactly what you are going to get.

Each has positives and negatives. What you do with it is what makes it good or bad for you. I'm a fan of the Hornady, but that's largely because I have far more experience with it than any other. Changing calibers is a breeze, I use the micrometers on my powder rotors and can dial in a charge weight in about 3 seconds and I don't need expensive tool heads for each caliber change. It works for me, obviously not for others.
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