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Garand needed standard military ammo, higher performance civilian loads for bolt actions and upper pressure handloads would exceed the OP Rod capability.

It was no issue for ht military as they designed it around their standard rounds, but it can be a civilian shooting issue so you need to know what the parameters are and pick your ammo accordingly.

I wold not think a gun deigned for the civilian market would have any issue with anything commercially available but I would get the mfg literature and or fine a BAR forum that could confirm that. Hand loads you definitely would want to check out what the allowed upper limits were.

I never bought a Remington or a BAR, but that was my ideal of an Alaska hunting rifle as it would work great on typical single shot for a Moose or Caribou and give you multiple shots if you ran into a bear. At typical charge distance a bolt action will get off a single shot, a semi auto maybe 3.
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