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America has around 950,000,000 people. About half that own at least one gun. The NRA has around 4,000,000 or so members.

Where do people go to shoot? The answer is most have no place and the ranges we have are getting fewer every day. Urban sprawl, the EPA and Enviornmental activism are killing the country in more ways than just the Second Amendment. Think about that the next election we have and you help elect or re-elect another liberal leaning nitwit that has no compunction to distroy the Constitution.

We need more Ranges and more people shooting at those ranges. We need a more informed and better educated public. How we are to achieve that with an education system hell bent on scoialism and a population that is loosing it's values and it's culture is beyond me.

Sadly it is not the gun and ammo manufacturers that are at fault here.

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