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Does anybody have an answer to how to keep Teddy from getting a gun while still being able to sell Fred one .

You can't keep Teddy from getting a gun unless you get rid of ALL the guns. It really has been that simple all along. And by the way, if Teddy is really serious he could even take one from a cop.

No law, no matter how draconian, can stop a crime from happening once someone has set their mind to committing a crime.

Did we not learn anything from 10 years in Iraq? People think of Iraq as war, we called it a war. But we spent much time playing policeman and tracking down criminals. Forensics played a huge part and I really doubt Gen. Patton would have ever imagined that one day soldiers would play policeman. Even in a foreign country where our military enjoyed complete technical, numerical, and strategic dominance and had the latitude to do almost anything they wanted in pursuit of the enemy. We were never able to prevent crime from happening. We could stop bombings, killings, kidnappings, thefts, fraud, or any thing else on the list.

We made it more difficult from time to time, caught some before they could pull off their fun. But as long as they continued to pursue their activities they continued to achieve some level of success.

You can not prevent a crime by passing a law.

I find it ludicrous that people listen to this drivel, "if he hadn't had an assault weapon he wouldn't have killed so many". Bull, he could have done worse with a few wine bottles, some gas, diesel, dish-washing fluid, and a Zippo.
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